Halo Armor


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You may want to post in the marketplace (Marketplace) that you want to buy. You may get a PM or a reply that way.

Just to warn you though, making a costume like this will take a lot of labor that's what you'll probably pay the most for. The cost may shock you.

If you want to build it yourself however, it'll only cost 300+ depending on which route you go.


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MoeSizzlac hit the nail on the head. Check out the Marketplace, create a "Want to Buy" thread with as much information as you're comfortable divulging on the internet. Things like your rough height and weight may help with folks that have spare parts or moulds for parts already waiting. Your general location might help since geographically close builders can hand deliver a finished suit and not have to worry about the horrors of shipping a suit worth several thousand dollars that they spent hundreds of hours building.