Halo costume parts references both soft and hard parts

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Darth Malevelus

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can we build a set of soft parts refences? We have most of the hard parts laid out.

Like the scaled effect on some of the soft parts, the lights on the various armor pieces ECT.

The inner thighs also have a black section as do the center section of the boots.

theres also some sort of flak vest item under the chest armor. The nesk seal.

Maybe some detailed pics showing the mold lines on the various armor pieces. Even a frame by frame list of photos from the Halo 3 trailer would be good for photo refrences.

Ill try to compile what I can

Let me know if anyones willing to help, we can break this down via Halo game version of the costume; but I think most of us will be going for the H3 costume though :mrgreen: . Perhaps once we have enough items in this we can have the mods modify this post to make it the official reference thread for this site. Or move the stuff to an official thread complete with its subsections.

One, project, would be to find the machine gun 3d model from halo and see if it can be made into a pepakura file. Master chief with out his weapon is like vader with no saber. LOL

Ummm, careful there Darth. It's cool to ask if people want to help, but you are almost implying that you are assigning a project to Fraz, who has already said he's way to busy to go out of his way to do special things....
The weapons *are* next.
'Course if you want to run with it.. Knock yourself out..:)
JediFraz said:
The weapons *are* next.
'Course if you want to run with it.. Knock yourself out..:)

we have one started all ready, plus ben was drawing up the soft parts in a different thread
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I've been trying to dig up those earlier posts with Ben Streepers Reference images, and I'm not having much luck. Does anybody know if they got moved or deleted??? I know he had one thread with reference images for all the armor parts, and had just started another for the undersuit...

Heres a couple I found:



Heres some other Undersuit resources:







Redsleighdown wrote:
Motorcross armor prolly looks the best but you could use something as simple as a a black, cotton turtleneck. I personally think UnderArmor is too shiny and plain. You could also search eBay for BDU's for stormtrooper armor.

It's getting damn hard to find things here with all these repeat thread topics that are popping up everywhere.
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