Halo Graphic Novel

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Well, got mine yesterday, and I got to say I love it. GREAT artwork, GREAT stories, a MUST BUY for ANY Halo fan. BTW, you get to see a Spartan without her helmet...
Still haven't gotten my copy. I've been making payments to get all of the original hand sketches / drawings / paintings from the novel. I'm nine pages short of having every page drawn for it (including ones that didn't make it in).
yep, they look like vomit... JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! :D Hopefully the Halo Movie's Flood will be just as detailed if not more
flood always scared me uncept in halo 2 i think in halo i pissed in my pants a whole entire ocean when i first saw the flood. :birthday:
I loved the Sarge story, and the pic with all the weapons from the Halo Universe. Those are my favorite parts.

If you don't have it, go pick it up for free at your local library :Steve: .

Thats what I did :mrgreen: !
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