Halo Infinite: Master Chief Armor/Trailer Discussion

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As far as I know, there is someone who is currently making a 3d model of the master chief based on the infinite trailer. So far he's got the helmet and torso and it's looking good, I can't recall his name since I saw it in instagram. But I believe it will be available for 3d printing and pepakura.
Any luck on figuring out who this is?

I’m aiming to start building my Spartan armor with the pep method hopefully based off of Infinite.
Any luck on figuring out who this is?

I’m aiming to start building my Spartan armor with the pep method hopefully based off of Infinite.
There’s a lot of people who have made 3d models already, although I’m still waiting for more accurate ones. Sporksaladcreations on ig modeled chief’s helmet. Another guy “Xtremenoob” here in the 405th imo has the best models, however he’s only made the helmet and chest piece (lowpoly of chest is available). Here’s some of my work so far


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Hey guys, sort of one a bring this up since it’s quite confusing. I’ve found a 3D model online for free which is based on halo infinite Chief. It’s available online for free and looks a lot like the on in nikko industries.


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where you find pep file for master chief low poly chest it only downloads in sol file when i try so i can't print off templates on pepakura
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Since Reach style customization is coming back, I hope customizing armor would look something like this. Honestly, I have a MAJOR comment coming up. The reason why halo reach and for example omega team look amazing is because even though you can customize them, they still have the same distinct presence of a spartan. Basically everyone has the same base armor with just added components on them, and IMO that makes them so believable. For example in real life such as marines or soldiers in the army, they almost always wear the same thing which gives them the uniform IDENTITY, and what makes them different are for example rolling their sleeves up or wearing pouches on their bodies at different places. But in Halo 4/5 there were many armor sets that looked too different from one another, possibly explaining why people felt it didn't belong in the game, don't get me wrong I do love some suits in halo 4/5, but just mainly the campaign armors of blue team and chief.

So yes, I can't wait to see armor customization. I wouldn't mind seeing different chest armor pieces and all, but I hope they don't stray too far away from the overall design of spartans to give them that uniform/ military look instead of a sci-fi armor tech orgy...
Omega team looks freaking awesome!

And I like the Chief's design in this, but I'm curious to see if there will be sleeker armor customizations overall in the rest of the game (for my own Spartan, really)
There certainly is a lot to unpack from the new E3 Game Overview Trailer:

The trailer begins with Master Chief floating through space, making his way through the wreckage of a ship while talking to the Pilot, his human companion, through a comlink. Master Chief eventually encounters a mysterious AI, whose voice sounds suspiciously like Jen Taylor’s Cortana. When he asks her where he can find Cortana, the AI responds that “the rogue AI known as Cortana is gone. She’s been deleted.”

However it becomes apparent that neither Chief nor the new AI know how exactly Cortana was deleted, or if she actually was. The AI reminds the Chief that her mission was to “enter this installation, imitate Cortana, and lock her down for retrieval,” while Chief was supposed to transport Cortana back to the USS Infinity for deletion. The AI reveals that she was also supposed to be deleted upon “successful deployment” but that hasn’t happened either.
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