Foam HALO Infinite Master Chief Build (EVA Foam)


I have started the painting process. This means lots of sealing and detailing, but I'm making good progress.


Also, for those of you that are wondering how I wear my armor, here is how.

I have pieces of high strength velcro that go on either side of the shin piece.

Then for the thigh, I have a loop that is attached to the top. This loop than slides onto a belt I wear underneath the Halo belt.

And for the pauldrons/biceps, I have a strap with a clip attached the top of the pauldron which connects to the chest plate.


I posted a while ago that I was going to make a magnet mount for my AR. Well... I've changed my mind. I'm not going to do that. But I'm still going to make a magnet mount for the Sidekick, and a under-suit.
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I recently started work on the helmet, and I've gotta tell you. It was a pain! But all very worth it in the end.

First I had to spend a while sealing all the holes and seems in the helmet, as well as adding the details.

After that I sprayed on 3 coats of plasti-dip and primer.

After it was finished priming I painted on two coats of my green paint.

After the helmet was finished, I had to start making the visor. Which wasn't easy. I first cut out the general shape from a sheet of 2mm plexiglass. After that I shaped it with a heat gun, and got the curve.

After that part was done, it was on to window tinting. I was able to make a good base layer for the visor with the plexiglass glass. It took a couple tries, but I got the hang of it.

Next I had to make the detail layer, and this part scared me. I only had four sheets of plexiglass and already used one for the base layer. This detail visor you see took me three tries.

Also took a couple tries to tint the detail, but it came out nice.

I finally had the bulk of the helmet done. And after some weathering and more tweaks I was able to achieve my greatest work of all.




The lights were made with cheap finger lights that fit into slots so I can change them out in the future. Also something funny happened at the end of making this helmet. I was spraying some matte clear coat onto the helmet to protect the paint, but I forgot to cover the visor. I was so scared. I thought I had ruined my helmet. And I did... for only five minutes. I learned that I could scratch it off the visor, so I used it to my advantage. I scratched most of it off leaving some of it behind to make a grime on the visor. This made it look even better. I am so happy with this helmet. All that's left now is to paint the rest of the suit, and make some tweaks to make it all more comfortable.
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