Foam Halo Infinite Masterchief Build

Thanks guys, appreciate the encouragement.

And thanks N8TBB for the boot idea, I'll give that a try. On another note, to anyone who uses spray cans, how many cans would u say that u go through for a spartan suit. I'm allowing roughly 6 x 400ml cans, should I allow more or will 5 do?
It takes about 3-4 full spray cans to cover my whole suit. So 3 plasti-dips, 3 primers, 3 whites, 3 clears, etc.
I bought 5 cans of the main colours just in case I wanted to repaint anything in the future. I haven't run out yet, despite the fact that I've done a few touch-ups here and there since the suit has been completed.
It was the same story for my chief suit in 2020. For that suit, I kept all my empty cans to keep track. Here's that post:
Soooo, I bought some expensive Matte finish paint for my suit, but it's definitely not the right colour. However, my only option is risk it with a different colour of the same brand, or use a cheaper glossier finish that is very close to the Chief avocado green. I'm thinking I'll use the one on the left because it looks better, both have been black washed and silver damaged. Any tips?

Gloss on left Weird green on right
My worry is how it looks and its flexibility.

Besides the glossy finish, the left one looks okay and adheres well to the pva glue underneath, it's also is pretty flexible.

I don't like the right one's colour, plus it feels tacky after a while so maybe not a good idea? I'm more just asking what others think of the gloss coat. Does it look terrible or will it work out alright, that kind of thing?

Ps. I'm also using 3 coats of pva glue to seal the foam, after heat sealing. I've found this gives a nice thick undercoat, (that's still quite flexible) and the glue I use works pretty well as a clear coat when thinned a little.
I don't know if it's more accurate, but I prefer the colour on the left - plus if it's the one that's behaving better, it's a win!
I try to stick to a satin finish, but my first chief suit was glossy. If you like things shiny, then gloss is for sure the way to go. For most applications though, satin will do the job without being too showy/shiny.
Just been working on the shin armor lately. I finished off the chest and cod/belt rigging and I was wondering how everyone attaches their boots to their shoes? They pretty much fit perfectly to my old Oliver work boots, but I was thinking of using some elastic and running it under the heel arch of the shoe and connecting it to the boot. Was hoping to get some ideas from some more experienced cosplayers as I'm still quite new to cosplay.
Might be a bit late to the party on this but I just finished my new boots for my suit.

I use some basic shoes and then fix them to a base using screws.

I know my method is in a significant minority because of weight. (these two boots weigh about 10-15 pounds together) But I like the lift and extra height I get out of the end result.
So I've now finished foamsmithing the entire cheif suit. TA DAAAAA!!!

just finished the helmet today. I've made it with lights that have a switch located at the ai port. That wY it looks like there's a chip in the helmet. Will be doing the visor for it then making a sidekick and magnetising it to my hip before I go on to pain stage.

I'll do a full suit test once I get the visor dummy fitted.


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Someone correct me if i'm wrong; but the "117" on chief's chest is embossed and inset into the chest, not raised like that, isn't it? I'm not super familiar with foam but is it feasible to hot-stamp those numbers into foam with something like a metal stamp? Surely you wouldn't be able to find metal stamps in the exact right font (i mean, shoot, maybe?) but you could probably find *something* that'd work, no?
I probably could, they're actually painted on but thought I'd see how it looked raised and I kinda liked it, sort of a personal touch I guess? Plus I thought it'd be easier to paint later on.
Done a rough test fit of the suit, still working out the kinks on it. And the helmet needs work before attaching visor properly.

MK50 Sidekick now completed! Pretty happy with how it came out. It's the second foam gun I've made from scratch myself. It also magnetises to my thigh piece, with was a must on this build. Not decided if I'll do the grooves on the handgrip yet, I can think about that later though.


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Smallish update.... I remade the shoulder pauldrons be ause they looked to small. Their the mkVI Gen 3's iconic feature and they weren't really looking iconic-y enough.

Sealing and painting next and I can't wait!

Ps. I've also made and abb wrap that might be just a little small.


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Did 3 coats of pva glue and then a spray paint coat of lime-y green. I've done a black overspread as well but you can't really see it in the pics. Next I'll paint the black sections, the backwash everything, mudwash the boots and shim armor, and finish with silver damage before adding electronics and visor.


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It.... Is..... Finished!!!

My new MK VI Gen 3 armor is now complete, alongside my new mk50 striker sidekick. Armor was spray painted, then double blackwashed, with a mudwash on the boots and shins. I'll try to get better photos later but so far I'm super happy with how it turned out.

P.s. next project up and coming is escharum's diminisher of hope, more come later.


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Also did a record on my costs for the build, not super accurate, bit I think I got pretty much everything on here that I used. And the foam section is so expensive because I bought in bulk and have heaps leftover.

[ ] Foam mats =$168
[ ] Foam, 3mm rolls = $50
[ ] Pva glue= $16
[ ] Selley's no gaps sika = $14 (3 pack)
[ ] Acrylic paint = $6
[ ] Hot glue = $8
[ ] Contact cement = $46
[ ] Visor = $20
[ ] Under suit (cargo pants) = $30
[ ] Magnets = $74
[ ] Foam pep. Files = $35
[ ] Spray paint = $76 ($24 test paint) 5cans of green and 2 black

Total cost = $325 supplies + $218 foam supply

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