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Halo M6C/M6C Socom MAgnum 3D Printed Replica

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by HATE Recon, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    I decided to print something out that i found on thingiverse, and it turned out great! I'm probably going to start modifying the file to make it more game accurate. If any of you are interested in getting one 3D printed, I am going to sell my modification when I finish it, and I'm currently selling them on Etsy. Here is link to Etsy if anyone is interested. Also, here are some pics I took of my first and possibly second print.
    3D Printed Costuming Props by Gregorys3DForge
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  2. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    Here are pics, unassembled one is the reprint



  3. CommanderPalmer


    Nice job so far.
  4. HATE Recon

    HATE Recon New Member

    So, I've now printed myself a silenced M7 SMG replica, which I will post here shortly, But I made the silencer so that it is removable, and the clip is removable by means of neodymium magnets. I also 3D printed a combat knife from Reach and will be printing the holster shortly.
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