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ok haloconrad.com is making a Halo machanima, truth be told I dont know the plot or even the name of the movie, however they need actors with live, you can reach them at there myspace below or at their website above if you wantto be in it, that or you can talk to me and I will set you up with them through live if you would like

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"The movie is basically about spartans vs elites. The movie begins with them in a truce and then the elities betray the spartans and then they go to war. We have filmed the first part of the movie already and we are going to need more people for the second and third part. The movie itself is going to be about 25 minutes long all together. "

those are the exact words I was sent when I was asked what the movie was about, so if any of you are interested there you go
ok I found Conrad's gamertag on Bungie, so if you want to bug him on live here it is.


also the movie will be a battle type with a storyline, roughly 25 minutes long when completed and it will be made in 2 or 3 parts
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