Halo Marine Fanfilm 56K Warning! (Huge Update!)

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Halo Marine Fanfilm 56K Warning!

Hello everyone.
Me and my film troupe are working on a Halo short about a group of marines who lands on a planet to take out a group of covenant who crash landed there.

So far, the script is being fine-tuned, we have one marine costume almost done, a couple weapons, and my baby, a real 62 inch long Pelican model, which is about 65% done.

We are hoping to film soon, but we are open to any suggestions to how we can achieve certain effects. No idea is too abstract.

Thanks for your time!
Plasma Grenades and Frag Grenades

Pelican front view

Pelican side view

Pelican rear view

Pelican top view

Sorry for the big images. I don't currently have an image editing program on my computer. The star wars figure is there to show how big someone would be in comparision because I scaled it to 3.75 inches (star wars fig)=6 feet. I'm gonna convert a few star wars figs into marines to have inside the back. I'm also going to make the windows clear once I have the rest of the body done. Once the whole thing is finished, I'm gonna resin and paint.

How's it look so far?

and i'm not breaking any rules anymore, right? ;-)
The ship's made out of foamcore boards that I got at Michaels (2 for $3, w00t!) I'm gonna coat the whole thing in resin after it's complete.

The frags are bought at a army surplus, didn't make. The plasmas are what I'm gonna use for the farther shots. They are styrofoam with tape and then painted. I don't want to whip anything heavy at my cast. ;-)

I will have better looking plasmas for close-ups though. And I'll put a glow on them when they are active.
Hey bro, i just pmed you, but ill support you 100 percent. Good luck let me know if i can help.

I like the pelican, please oh please finish it. Dont stop!!!!
Sorry about the double post

As for the marines, do you guys think I should do Halo 1, Halo 2, or Halo 3 marine armor? I was even thinking about maybe doing variations (eg. some guys in H1 armor, some in H3 armor, etc.)
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