Halo Marine Fatigues

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Jubal said:
as far as the Halo: CE (halo1) marines go, there doesn't appear to be a stitch of camo among them.


I had previously been convinced on the foliage green color, but after spending some more time ingame studying the marines, I am leaning back toward a neutral grey color. I think the grey is influenced by the colors around it, if your in trees/grass it has a greenish tinge if your underground, or whatever it tends to pick up other colors.

now if you are talking about the camo of the halo 2/3 marines, there are other threads dealing with them


That's def. a much higher quality picture than the rest that shows it lol. Some of the other ones were just kinda hard to tell. Agreed.
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The Kraken said:
The vest looks like an '80s Naval Flak Vest, with pouches sewn on the back


They also come in various camos, I have a woodland one for no apparent reason (yet...)


while those vests do look really cool, I just don't see the bulkiness of them in the character model or texture. I think the inner layer of armor for the thigh has some resemblance to it tho.

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I agree on the bulk thing, I never really thought of them as wearing big flak vests when playing the game. Just the pockets/big flap over the middle seemed to match up pretty well. Though it does make sense they would have some sort of body armor/flak vest...You could take the kevlar out and wear the things like a thin vets, though.
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