Halo Movie Poster Proto, or Fan-made

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Hey.. I'm pretty sure this is fake because it's already got an MPAA rating of "R" on it, and that would be considered copyright infringement if you didn't earn the rating..

However, I didn't know if this was some kinda prototype for it or something.. Kinda weird that it doesn't have an actual halo on it, or use the Halo font for the lettering though. But the image of the guy, at least, looks pretty realistic.

Anyways.. anyone know the source of this pic? The current movie date is actually "early" 2008 by the way, according to a Jackson press release, but maybe this was from before it was moved back after that Universal/Fox back-out?

the pic of chief is the statue that corpseguy has.

obviously fake, but kinda cool anyways.
3 things

1. The word Halo does not look like the title on the game boxes.

2. That has master cheif in his armor from Halo 2, which would imply that they would skip halo 1 in the story, or run through it fast, which cant really be done.

3. A few days back, on MSN they announced that the movie production was shut down because the production costs where reaching 200 million and they hadnt even started filming.
no, it wasn't costs had reached that much. It was because they WANTED to spend that much, and microsoft didn't want to back out of their deal of how much money they got.

The studio didn't enjoy the fact that microsoft wanted so much money from the profits (that weren't even there yet) and so they said "screw you microsoft, find someone else to do it".

so... microsoft has to find another studio to do it.
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yeah, Its just, If it's R, less people will see it, but that would be coo

believe me like all the 5 year olds that play xbox live on halo 2 will find some way to see it lol :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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It's a pretty good job photoshop wise, though they diffenite blew it with the HALO name. Microsoft truly needs to release some kind of ad poster to reboost the fans anticipation for this movie.
no they just need to start lieing to us. . . i dont care if they lie to me. . . unless they said that it wasnt comeing out and then it was. i would be angry and only see the movie 50 times in theaters instead of 100
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