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Halo Pepakura Weapons

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by Entity, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Looking for help on resin for the halo pepakura weapons
  2. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Hi im new to coating weapons from pepakura with resin and i spent 4 months trying to build it and i dont want to do anything detrimental to it before i can get an opinion on how to coat it properly since im new to making weapons instead of armor.
  3. Entity

    Entity New Member

    This is the most i have done and i dont know what to do abouut the bending but i think that i can fix it with a bit of bondo and resin

  4. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Hi Entity and congratulations on finishing your weapon's pep stage!

    Next part is acquiring the resin, commonly called fiberglass resin. You will probably need 1 quart for this rifle. Using a cheap paintbrush, apply a super thin coat to the outside. You will want to bend it straight and secure with supports (hot glue and popsicle sticks) first so that it dries correctly. Don't do all of it at once, so that it can dry in between. Then once fully coated, do another slightly thicker coat, in sections.

    For the paper to fully soak the resin and become strong, it needs to be applied to both sides of the paper. Here is the problem with pep weapons as you can't get to the otherside of the paper. So do your best to strengthen the inside. Many use a mix of resin and bondo and shake it around inside. Some use expanding foam, but this can expand too much and break open your gun.

    To see how I did this to my brute shot check out my build thread. Duke's Custom Reach Suit Pep +photos!! *COMPLETE*

    Good luck!
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  5. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Minor set back i forgot to put the rifle away so my dog could roam around so now i gotta redo the heat sink and clip holder
  6. Entity

    Entity New Member

    And the muzzle suppressor
  7. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Good news i managed to find a file that has a decent sized scope for the sniper rifle although whoever made it didn't properly scale ormove certain parts so it may be a while to get it to work but since the sniper rifle has a sort of screen for a scope why not try to fit a Raspberry pi 3 in it since you can fit it with a camera and its really small
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  8. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Im thinking of hollowing it out and putting a lens on the front and back and having a latch at the bottom where the raspberry pi can fit in and stay firm and not wobble around.

    But its a matter of building it since i just got it to a .pdf since i just got done editing the file


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  9. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Ok working on getting some resin from smooth on for silicone molding and doing a hollow cast for the scope and gun so i can work in some mechanical components for a more realistic feel

    Also i had an idea for casting a clear lens on the scope but i have to ask if i do cast it will it magnify or stay the same when looking through it?
  10. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    If you're casting a lens there'll most likely be some distortion from the resin but I doubt there'd be any magnification unless your manufacturing process is very precise and you have a high grade pressure pot for degassing the resin to get it uniform/bubble free to have a consistent refractive index that works with the lensmakers formula to get you a usable focal length.

    If you want a lens that has magnification, I'd scavenge one from somewhere instead of spending a bunch of money on silicone and resins. You could probably find one at a thrift store or steal one from a helping hand soldering station which come new for maybe $10.
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  11. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Well im trying to just make a sort of case lens like a screen saver but thicker and on the internals is going to be a zoom lens for the camera but is there a way to cast a lens with minimal distortion?
  12. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I did a search and found this as the most straightforward method which is pretty similar to what I was saying when I was spitballing ideas in an earlier post. Cost of materials will likely be around $80 to $100 depending on your local suppliers if you buy in low quantities, cost of the tools if you don't already have them will be several thousand since this process includes a laser cutter for a precise form, a degassing vacuum for the resin and a 3D printer for the exact radius sanding jig. Lowball estimate to follow this Instructable to the letter is ~$5000 for a decent laser, printer and vacuum chamber with pump while keeping everything at hobby-grade tools, double or triple the price tag easily if you want something more robust and accurate.
  13. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Uhh ok then but the ones im getting is about $470

    Im not spending over that jeez

    Plus there is an alternative since the raspberry pi camera is like a phone camera i could just get one for $11 and make a system for a variable zoom
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  14. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Also the $470 is for the supplies for making multiple versions of the rifle

    For the lens i was going to smooth it out with bondo then mold it using silicone then see if it has any deformation
  15. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Had a slight issue with the scope so i had to resize a few peices
  16. Entity

    Entity New Member

    Got everything finished so now i just gotta wait for the resin and silicone to ship out.

    This thing took ages but is well worth it.


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  17. Entity

    Entity New Member

    One of the pics were off centered

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