Halo Reach Mk V [B] Build Log

Dang, I gotta hand it to the foam smiths, y'all have way more patience and dedication than me. I'm gonna have to learn here soon tho as I get into the under suit. But y'all are talented, that looks great
Thanks. For me it's lack of patience. You get instant gratification. You cut a piece and glue. Cut a piece and glue. You can adjust and make corrections on the fly by sanding or cutting another piece.

Fir example I had to adjust the last few pieces of the back top and even had to draft a piece by hand. However, it's all done and ready for clean up.

Clean up is likely to take all weekend as I let foam clay and joint compound dry before a final sanding.
Thanks everyone for the kind words. It's been quiet lately because I actually went back and redid the shins. Here what the new set looks like.




I think it's important to show that this is a process and sometimes you got to go back. Here's what the old set looks like next to the new one.

I made sure to be a bit more consistent with details while also cleaning up and adding more. Here's another example of how I wasn't happy with how my seams came out.

At this time I've made about 3 pairs of shins.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts. I'll be moving on to clean up the shins and building the knee plates

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