Halo Reach ODST armor build - Andrew DFT template (NOW PICTURE HEAVY!)


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If your going to build something from scratch, might as well start small like a weapon, but I think you can go big seeing your final product or finished armor, which implies your experience. Good luck on your next project.


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ChaoticRay,VanessaSelden,PaiganBoi, Guys, just be mindful of the dates to which you are responding to. The last posting was back in November. Necro posting is frowned upon here. It tends to push more recent and active threads down the list. If the author revives the thread or keeps it updated....by all means, comment away. If you have a question on an old thread.....PM the author directly. Thanks guys....Welcome to the 405th.
Really quick, I did want to say I've never heard of necroposting, so I apologize.


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Nice paint job, and I love the backpack that's awesome. Keep it up !