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Hey everyone!

Does anyone know if there’s any good quality models available (free or paid) for the Chief’s helmet design from the TV series? Quality of the show aside, I’m really partial to how the MK VI looks in it. I found a file for sale from SpecialSTLs but from what I can tell they’re not the most reputable site and are known to steal models so I’d rather work with something else.

I’d even be open to commissioning a model if there’s really nothing out there. So if anyone knows of someone who can create high quality printable models let me know as well!

Yes there is Moe Sizzlac modeled all of the spartans from the show i have already started the master chief he has them listed on thingiverse they are free and must not be sold with out his consent. the helmet you want is listed in the pack as maste chief helmet V2.
here is the link...........
There is also a really good paid one from Instinct Creative with an AI chip and mold for the back
Thanks both! I’ll take a look at Moe’s later (literally was uploaded the day after I initially had checked there it looks like haha) but that Instinct Creative one is looking mighty nice
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