Halo Unyielding

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Frankly, the Marines, especially the one as Captain Keyes, sounded more like voice actors than actual marines, but everything else was sweet.
they also used a 3d model of the Pillar of Autum and i think that it is the only ship like that. and after the destruction of Reach the PoA was on its way to the 1st halo. but maybe im just crazy and there were others.
yeah the voice acting sucked, but i liked the 3D modeling and i am prety sure it took place before Reach because there is spartans in it, also the second video they are making now will have marines and a bunch of other new enemies as you saw, so maybe with it the voice acting will get better, it looks better anyways
I asked them if they would help out on our film, and they were really closed off to me saying they were only into there own stuff.

It bothers me when people do that, its like they do all this awesome work with intentions to go somewhere big but when a great opportunity comes along to expand there skills and resume they only go against them.

Im ranting but its true.
yeah that sucks......if I try retty hard I might MIGHt be able to get in contact with some 3D modelers willing to do some work, although I am not sure if any have ever done anything like that before
I mean they already have alot done all they need to do is make the textures and movement tighter, more realistic.
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