Halo uprising

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yea i just found that out he is Ruwan a hotel conceirge its part of the book where there getting attacked someone calls out his name while hes in a car...concierge is just his job hes not a hotel manager hes kinda like the cashier at mcdonalds. lol
Got mine in the mail today and....

I know Master Chief is a bad ass, but 16 rounds from Hunters? O,O

Also, I quite frankly refuse to post scans of the Comic. Not only is that illegal, it detracts from the overall income from the comics and thusly impacts the perceived popularity.
This Comic Was freaking amazing, I bought two, and one is in a protective bag for comics, so one day when it is worth alot of money I will have one in mint condition. That is why you should buy this fantastic piece of art, instead of scanning it. That takes money out of the pockets of those artists, and writers. And food out of their mouth. How would you like that.

:cautious: Think before you write.
It was okay, overrated by far -yeah someone had to say it. The storyline was okay, and we didn't actually get to see what the Chief did. And why the hell would the guy go in guns blazing? The Chief is cool but damn, why in the hell did he think he could win with those odds?

Anyway, placing Ackerson in there only to make him the guy that rats out humanity bothered me. Cliche... And I actually like his character. The storyline/plot was just okay, it could've been way better but I know it could've been alot worse. Other than that it was okay, the art kept me interested but if it was in novel format, let's just say they did well with Marvel. Overall a 6.5/10, in my opinion.
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