Halo vs Predator

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Not sure if this belongs in off topic talk buuuut, I wanted to share a dream I had last night bc it think it's a pretty great crossover concept.

I was selected to be part of a team that was dropped into a Predator hunting ground to face off against a team of predators. Like a 4v4 situation. My team was made up of UNSC marines and in the dream, I was an ODST. So three marines and an ODST we're selected (which was scary and bad but also there wasn't really anything we could do about it because in the dream the refusal of this was to drink some poison and just die so that's not like a better option) to drop into the Predator hunting area. Like, if you ever saw the movie "Predators" (emphasis on the s) it's similar to this in that the predators are kidnapping humans and dropping them into a hunting preserve to hunt except we knew we were going ahead of time.

So after a wild last night on an alien planet drinking alien alcohol, we got back to our barracks and got our gear together. The next day we woke up basically being dropped off in full Halo gear into a jungle. We r all scared sh***ess but as an ODST I have to put on the bravado and lead the team so we start moving, looking for a good place to set up camp in case we survive until night. A short skirmish with predators that we escape from. And eventually we run into a Spartan who has been surviving on the planet for a while since he was selected. His team is dead but he's survived by avoiding the predators and being sneaky so he's hesitant to help us bc he thinks we r just gonna get him killed but after a while agrees and we fight together to escape. Now my dream basically ended after we met the Spartan and realized what he was (he was not in armor in my dream), BUT that's how I would write the story.

I'm thinking that's a pretty great idea for a crossover or maybe a fan film? I have seen some pretty awesome stuff from the 405th in terms of fan films and I think we have a couple Predator cosplays here. In the event that anyone else thinks this is an awesome idea, I would love to chat about it!
This idea sounds really awesome! I loved the Predator and Alien movies as a kid and adding Halo elements would be a really cool concept. I think another cool concept would be like a "AVP 1" kind of crossover and maybe follow a marine being protected by a Spartan team against Aliens and/or Predators. Or following the AVP book and adding in Halo characters would be cool too. It would just be interesting to see how Spartans/ODSTs would handle other sci-fi creatures
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