Have a hurt toe?

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Sarge Christi

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Sounds like a weird topic, but it way easier to break your toe than you think.
Have you recently stubbed your toe while putting up those damnedable Christmas lights?
Does you toe still hurt after 1 week?
You might have broken it.

Most people don't know that that prolonged toe pain is actually a broken toe. I forgot the exact statistic, but people break their toes anywhere from 4-9 times in a life time. That's a lot of broken toes.
I recently stubbed my toe, then dropped a weight bench on it (don't ask). I'm pretty sure I've broken it.
I've never broken a bone in my life *knock on wood*, but I actually think I broke my big toe. It's kind of painful, but, meh, what can you do about it?

Since these accedents happen more around Christmas, I thought it'd be helpful to share with you guys the symptoms of broken toes.

Enjoy, and have a safe and happy Christmas!
This may apply on fingers too...since really your toes and fingers are the same.....maybe i broke my fingers before.
Well, there is a difference between toes and fingers. You use you fingers more during the day than you do your toes. Your toes are used for balance, and sometimes, if you have monkey toes, used to pick things up. Your shoes protect your toes, which is why it might not hurt as bad as breaking an unprotected finger. Broken fingers are the devil. But toes are pretty painful too.
I couldn't tell you if you've broken your toe before.
But if your toes has been hurting for longer than a week, it's probably not a jam, it's a broken toe. No need to worry though, they heal themselves up quiet nicely. But I would recommend icing it for a while as well as elevating it to speed up the healing process.
Watch for black and blue around the joints, if you have this, it's probably just a nasty jam. They hurt, but are usually better in a week (with ice and elevation of course).

We are all like spartans in a way. Sometimes you break you toe and never notice it.
It's actually quiet an ignorable pain. Just like breaking your arm. Sometimes it hurts, but
you don't know it's broken, wierd, I know, but it happens.
I haven't broken my toes before, but I have broken the tip of my index finger.

It looked like my thumb for 2 weeks, which was kind of funny actually.

But still, accidents happen.
I'm pretty sure I broke my big toe on my left foot once. I had a hellified bicycle accident, scraped up the right side of my body, bruised a lot, but the only thing that hurt was my toe. Never went to the doctor.

I had a classmate who broke her toe when she fell out of bed. She did go to the doctor, and she had a cane for a while.

Ever notice that broken bones never seem to happen in a cool way? It's like when you ask them how they broke it, you want to hear something magnificent, like some sky-diving accident, or some feat of heroism. But nope, it's always something lame like tripping over a pile of dirty clothes.
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