HCS Arlington June 30th - July 2nd

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Fellow Southwesterners! Arlington, Texas will be hosting the Halo Championship Series at the end of June. I plan on attending in my new kit, and we will have some 405th Members dropping in from other regions. Use this thread as a starting point for role call and communication.


More Information Here at Halo Waypoint
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Working on trying to see how I can best modify or adjust the ODST to be more comfortable for sitting for the days I do wear it. Thinking just Saturday at this point for armor and comfy clothes for Friday and Sunday
Very excited with only a week to go! We're going to be staying nearby in Arlington for this one so should be there for a majority of the days. Do we want to figure out a designated meet-up point or just play it by ear as people arrive?
For anyone going to HCS Arlington, I got a hotel a short drive away. If you need a place to dress or crash I will help. If you wanna stay overnight please toss a coin my way
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