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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by TheBelac9000, Nov 2, 2018.

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    I'm just here to build armor on a budget of $300 *excluding tools of course* or less and yes I know the more money you poor into it the better the results but im hoping to make ODST armor first i watched Andrew DFT build his but I really don't want to spend money on the print outs when I know I could find better ones online for free and no I'm not going to to free hand them thats a terrible idea and it will look big and ugly and I know how to bevel and the sharp knife thing is just common sense to me so really i just want print outs and suggestions on where to get cheap EVA foam and how to paint armor and weapons and really just get help if i need it I've got a metric ton of patience and time so yeah that's about it Oh and I don't plan on doing anything involving 3D printing and I'm only doing halo stuff
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    TheBelac9000 I made my armor pieces in a college dorm using EVA foam mats from amazon. That would be a good place to start. As for files, you can find a lot of EVA foam templates in the Armory here on the site. Some of the ODST foam files need some tweaking, but I used most of them for my outfit.
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    $300! That's more than enough! Starting on an odst is perfect. Just do a search in the armory and there will be tons of files, just choose your favorite one and make sure it is a foam conversion. In wise of painting, use plastidip. It is a primer and sealant spray paint that will start your coats and allow other paints to be applied Easter and better. I would recommend contact cement as a glue, and always work outside and wear a respirator when using it! The best place I find to get the sheets is harbor freight. It is around $8 to get a pack of 4, and there are also coupons like %50 off. I recommend starting up a thread so we can watch your progress and cheer you on. I always love seeing others work, and if you have any questions, ask us there. Good luck!
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    So as far as getting help aside from us here on the forum, look at the regiment section and where you fall under say hi and see about when they have armor parties and they can give you hands on help
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