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Hi I am new and i Like odst troppers but it is suckzors that they have gold visors on halo 3 i want to make a odst troop helmet so please help! :tutu:
its orange in the short movies but silver/blue in the game, im doing the same thing and making it from metal
I like your armour! are there any more pictures of it? (ps) how lond did it take to make the helmet

(pps)dont some orbital drop shock troopers have red strips on their armour and arms? :unsure:
Look at my profile, I have a awsome link which will give you the chest and helmet print outs, read the pep scaling thread and scale to your size, have fun!

Btw heres my ODST torso finished.

Would you change your avatar? I'm not fond of people stealing my avatar...

Creating a armor is something that needs time,money and afford. Witch ODST armor do you want to create? H2 of H3? The ODST in Halo3 don't have golden visors, they have smoked blue visor.
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