helmet fiberglassing suggestion

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well im thinking of fiberglassingbut like my helmets a little small.it will fit my head but i have to like stretch it out a little to make it fit.should i still fiberglass it or will i still be able to stretch my helmet a little?
its depend how many layers you'll add to it, if you use the cloth on the inside maybe 2 layers
thanks guys im thinking of basicly cutting off the lower neck part and then im after all my armor is done im going to the saints game then to gamestop and then to dunking donuts cause i like donuts and then to the police station lol
starfox64 said:
ive seen it done so the lower back "neckish" segment is hinged on the helmet

If I were making one that's probably what I would do....

Less of a "bobble head" type appearance.
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