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So i've been working on a clay helmet for some time now. I just fired it so its ready for a mold to be made from it. How do I actually do that. Also I wanna to make the finished copies out of liquid fiberglass is that a possibility? What would be a better liquid and why? I just plain don't understand how to make a mold from a sculpture. Any video tutorials?
Google some mold supplier websites and they usually have some really good how-tos. Also Adam is going to be putting up a tutorial about this same subject this weekend sometime.
Before you can think of molding complex sculptures, you need to get the basic principles of molding:
This is a easy two part mold, this is not something you want to use if you want to make a high quialty





1:you need to create something that is called a brushed blanket mold, this is a rubber mold you brush on your sculpture.
2.You need to create a parting seam ,you can do this with clay
3. Then you need to create soothing that is called a mother mold or a jacket, this is to hold the rubber blanket mold on to his place.

Please look at the first two vid's to get the basic's, then look unter important where you can see a more complex way to make a mold (with a higher quality) Adam is posting a video on helmet casting this weekend, so please be a bit patience. If you want more contact Sean...
Thank you for posting the video links. I really gives me some motivation to complete the rest of the armor that I am making.

I completed my handguard mold, but I will be using the brushed on mold method for the rest of the armor. I am also planning to rotocast/slushcast the armor from there. I will post progress pics soon. You can also check out progress in my gallery under Merc Studios Armor.

Thanks again for sharing.

BTW - Adam and Sean, you were right about the Smooth-on OOMOO, really low tear strength. But is was a good learning experience nonetheless.
You say you "baked" your helmet mold? Did you use potters clay? You may be in for some serious disasters, so please post some pics.
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why? because you need to post pics (pogress pics) in the threads when you say that your building something if not its going to get locked
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