Helmet proportion


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Hey guys and gals I was wondering if anyone has made pep armor with the helmet being like 2 sizes more than the rest of the set (example using the 27 scale and making a 29-30 scale helmet. I'm saying this cause I made my Space Marine helmet from a mask that I made out of duct tape (I was using it for a roman gladiator costume made completely out of duct tape, sandals and all) and it is really hard to get on and off and I gotta reshape some parts so it isn't jamming into my temples. I want my Mjolnir helmet to be comfortable, easy to get on and off, and still have it so it matches the size of my armor


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I wouldn't use the "scale" numbers as a reference. Changing those just a little bit can change the size of the armor A LOT.

You're probably ok making the helmet a little bigger, but I wouldn't really recommend it.