Helmet Reference pics with measurements.

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Yeah. I'm working on a helmet and could do with some basic measurements. I am working off a motorcycle helmet, if it helps.

I feel nooby.
hmm... well, i can tell you that a motorcycle helmet is a little too large for most helmets. (unles you get a kid sized moto helmet)

give us a bit to dig up some stuff.

A Motorcycle helmet is way large. Start with a BMX or Paintball helmet. They're smaller. ;-)
Ok. But, its just what I have lying around, and its fairly small, so I would refer to use it, as opposed to buying a new one. And its not a motocross helmet, its a riding around on a street bike helmet. And as you can see, im not that motorbike savvy. Its my dads.
Hmm. Taking another look at it, its actually quite huge. I'll find another helmet to base it off.

I need the measurements so I can scale it to fit me. When I make my cardboard base, I'll post up pictures.

All these questions make me feel really icky. I can't wash off the noob.
yeah, baseball helmet is the way to go, I've seen a tutorial where a guy used a baseball helmet to make his armour helm, the end result was very impressive.
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