help making an eva helmet

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ok... i have been wanting to make some mjolnir armor for sometime now but i wanna make an eva helmet and dont know where to start :( suggestions would be helpfull
you should start by getting the most pics that you can get and from there, just look at what works and how you can build it.
he didn't steal your name if you said that to every one who had SPARTY or 116 they would get annoyed at you for saying that he can do what he wants. and as for the EVA i wouldn't suggest it if its your first helmet, ive seen someone make it before then they got stuck on the visor, i would suggest just making a normal Mark VI helmet to be honest.
I have to agree with CrAzY CH13F, start with an easy helmet (not that any helmet is really easy) then work your way up to harder ones.
Yep an EVA is not a beginner helmet. The visor problem can easily be solved by using slyfo's pepakura EVA helmet model. It also comes with visors for the helmets so when you print it out and put it together, you can glass the whole visor and helmet, and the just cut out the bottom half of the visor and attach a real one. However, you would need to add details with bondo's body filler or some other medium.
hey, no hard fealings on the name ok? ;)

as for the eva, yea, defanetly not a beginers helmet. try the mark vi first, but good luck on the eva if you try.
I was thinking about this and one way that it could be done is to make all the sections of the visor first out of pliable plastic and gold window tint then attach the partss that touch the helmet, then attach the parts in the middle of the visor.

see all the grooves that separate the areas in it? Those are what I mean by sections
Most people stop on their eva helmet because they cant make a visor for it, or buy one, I wouldnt make a helmet unless your willing to spend 50-100 dollars for a custom made visor.
ok thanks for all the support... is there any other helmet bsides the mark IV that would be cool and still functional? im making full armor but wanted to make my helm first:)
Well, there is another thread posted about an eva visor. You could make one just as well as a pep MKVI, but the visor wouldn't be as authentic. It would probably be made mostly out of paper, but with a moto visor in it.
SPARTAN-116 said:
it needs 2 be functional because my armors gonna be for airsoft

Please stop.

No armor you make with pepakura will withstand you jumping, running, and such, it will be bulky and uncomfortable, and it will crack and break when you lay on it hiding.....sooo many people want to be the chief in combat, spend 200 dollars and ruin your isnt worth it.
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yeah, and they don't wear googles underneath, so when they get shot in the face, it breaks and they're stuck with shards of visor sticking out of their eyes. it hurts and they end up blaming us. we then get sued(by us i mean Adam)
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