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Painting Additions

  • Mix of Tan/Green and some added black detail

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  • All painted Tan with some black detail

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I need some help deciding folks. I am going to be going two tone with my armor. I started on the shoulders. Now, that being said. I masked off the whole top chunk and just painted the whole top half tan and then added some black highlights. Now on the other shoulder I masked off a few of the spots. Im personally leaning to the whole thing being painted and then highlighted. Let your vote count!
If the green is going to be that dark, I'd say go all Tan w/Highlights.
But, if you make it a lighter green that might work too.
Reasoning is, I think the highlights will stand out better with the all tan, but not so much with the dark green.

Up to you though, let us know when you finish. I'm sure it'll look great either way when it's all done.
My friend has a really high quality camera. Im getting a bunch of pictures tommorow. I went with solid tan for the second color and then black for the highlights.
thisismadness2 said:
man u gotta go with green and a tan with black details

I totally agree that would give a camouflage look which seems to be the first of its kind especially on MC's armor
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