Help me find an arisoft gun!

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I need an airsoft gun with around the same 'handle length compared to barrel length' and triggger guard placement as this gun. But instead of the slide just on top, I need it to include the entire front inch or so of the barrel.

Please don't suggest a Colt 45 or P99, they wont work for what I'm doing.

Thanks to anyone who helps look.


This is for the Halo 3 pistol I'm making.
I have a 45 that I could modify. I really don't want to, but it's always a possibility. I don't even know if what I'm looking for exists.

Thanks for helping so far.
:treasure: :treasure: :treasure: i think that you should yous a pipe with a pistol and yous the left over pipes as a shipe that you want :Steve:
buy a pistol close to that and spry pant the silver part on the gun and take a pease of card borurd and tape the hand guard on it and yous the eletric tape :lindsey:
Man i wish i was a mod right now. I wonder how you become a mod. Hmm....

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The barrel in any production handgun or rifle (or airsoft copy of) will never retract as it is fired. The whole point of the slide is to protect the barrel and elimenate the old style cocking hammer.

The only things I could think of that would behave in the way that you describe is a heavy machine gun or a piece of artillery. And in both of those cases, the actual barrel does not retract. It is more that the entire gun moves back on a shock loaded frame to disperse the force of recoil.

You could modify an airsoft pistol to do what you want by replacing the standard barrel with a custom telescopic one and attach it to the slide.

Good luck and keep us updated. It sounds like a cool project.
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