Help Needed: Paint Color Examples


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Hi all, I’m looking at buying spray paint (I don’t have an airbrush). What does everyone recommend to get close to the “Master Chief Green”? I’ve heard good things about the Italian Olive Green Satin finish by Krylon.

Looking for examples to compare. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A close color I found is olive green, but I'm using leaf green because that's what I started with. A good way to get the color is to take the textures, take about the median value of the color you want (the primary and maybe secondary green) and put that into a converter for whatever color codes are used where you live. It's not perfect, but it gives you a good idea of what you need. You could also use latex or PU paint that you can get mixed up at hardware stores and brush that on if you can't find the right spray paint.


405th Regiment Officer
This is what I've used for my helmet so far. It is not prefect, but I am happy with. If you go that route make sure you put it over a black base coat.
Black, not grey? I have a bunch grey primer I already purchased for this. Can you share any pics so I can get an idea of the results?


405th Regiment Officer
ZiggyGrimm - Here are some of the best pictures I have of my helmet

There are other pictures in that thread too
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