help picking armour!!


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So I'm having trouble deciding on Armour. i like the Mk VI from Halo 3 and 4 but I can't decide on which I want. this is my first build and I've printed of 3 different helmets, 2 of them I didn't like because all the pieces were so tiny I lost interest. need some help guys!! (I'm making this in pepakura and using 405th archive for the files).


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We generally don't encourage indecision threads here on the 405th - there are as many different opinions on what you could construct as there are people to suggest them, so in the end, it's really best for you to decide for yourself. Remember: you will be wearing the finished product, not us, so it's very important for you to choose something that you will be happy with.

As for discouragement: put simply, don't let it get the better of you! If you're finding a piece difficult to work with, or you're simply finding that you don't have the skill and experience to tackle more complex parts, try something a little more simple to help yourself get into the flow. Don't force yourself either, you'll generally find that your best results come from patience and wanting to work instead of finding it a chore. If you're new to Pepakura, try a simpler piece to get yourself familiarised with the process - I could recommend perhaps scaling up a boot or a shin, perhaps a shoulder plate, and working on that until you're comfortable with moving onto something a little more complex. If all else fails, don't be afraid to put your tools down and take a break - sometimes I can go weeks without working on something. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint, and rushed work is never good work.

Above all else, however: have fun and don't be afraid to ask for help! Good luck with your build!


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I agree. You should start with something a little easier than the helmet to help get you more familiar with pepping. From there it sounds like your question is which file to use, because there are multiple files for the same helmet.. To get the answer you'll want to know how much detail you're going for and once you're experienced with pepakura you can study the file a but before you print it to see if it will work for.

In the meantime just make something. Get some practice and before you know it you'll have a plan for what you want to do!

Also try to keep your build questions to one thread, or use the Help! Threads found in the New Recruit stuck thread.


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What I did was tried out a medium res forearm piece to get me started. the first one was trash lol, but it just takes a few tries to figure out what ur doing, so maybe don't start on such a hard piece like the helmet. As for the smaller pieces, try having some tweezers and sturdy toothpicks handy.

Hope this helps and good luck!
The Halo 3 armour is far simpler and much easier to build. I had the same issue your having, I chose Halo 3 because of the lower detail. Its worth starting there as you can teach yourself the skills to make foam armour and don't need to worry about extreme levels of detail that the Halo 4 armour has in abundance. When you have had time to experiment and figure everything out you should then move on to the high detailed stuff. For new recruits like myself I would always recommend starting with something that is easier. You don't know what your getting into and you will only learn through practice.


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I decided on halo 4/5 armour by Master Builder. Its challenging bit coming along nicely in my build thread ;)

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