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Been working with sintra alot recently, and it's been going pretty well. However, I need help shaping these boots. I have a 3D printer, and want to avoid 3d printing for as long as possible. (I just like to do things by hand.)

I'm using 3mm sintra for this.

The main issue is that I can't really shape it the way I would like to. It always comes out a funky shape I can't really describe, and never circular.


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Working with sintra is always a craps shoot..... without a template on the inside to keep the shape, heating and positions sintra is not easy. If you had an exact replica of your leg, arm, torso or any other body part it's possible to do so...........but with out it, not so easy. now keep in mind of something....the pic you posted isn't so bad. Remember we are, are own worst critics. We see faults that no one else sees. If you are walking the masquerade line, people aren't going to see the fact that your shin guards aren't completely circular....they wouldn't even know the difference if one was oval, round or squared off. If it doesn't fit, that is another story completely. Just do the best you can.
Keep in mind as well the Sintra really only wants to bend in one direction at a time. It was created for signs so bending was never really a need. While it will, kinda sorta do it, it's not super clean.

I'm sure you know this as well - but it gives off nasty vapors when it gets hot so please be careful with it and only heat in a well ventilated area wearing a respirator. Dirtdives2424 suggestion for using a form is very helpful as are his comments about our bodies not being perfectly round.
I have some know how in sintra. For me I have a galvanized pole in my yard that was used for hanging laundry up back in the day, so I took my heat gun, and heated the inside of my sintra to be soft and used said pole to get a nice round shape, came out pretty rounded, think my build is somewhere around here
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