Hockey Armour to MC armour!

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This is an idea i have been playing around with for a few weeks. I used to play Ice Hockey / Roller Hockey when I was a few years younger. And I Few Years Fitter.

Basically I figured that using some of the old armour I had for hockey. as a starting Point to build up from, would be a great way to get a Head start on my armour. I have a fair amount of experience in making Moulds from Fibreglass as well as building from wood and a Mirada of other materials. Hurrah for my 3D Design Technology A Level! I knew it would do me some good one day!

As of Now I have a Very good idea of how I am going to Build The upper and lower arm sections of my armour as well as the lower leg sections.

The lower arm sections are going to be some Modified Shin Guards I had when I was about 14. and the Upper arm Sections I think I can Fabricate our of parts of cannibalized Shoulder Armour.

The Lower Legs are going to be modified Shin Guards I have that still fit. Obviously they only cover the front of the leg, But I have some Crafty Ideas about how to fabricate the back that I will share later. If there Successful! If not then I will no doubt be picking your brains for Ideas.

The Biggest Problem (no pun intended) I think I am going to have is that, For want of a more eloquent way of putting it, I’m Built. Very Very Built I do a fair bit of the old Weight lifting. My shoulders are almost a Metre across. And I’m at a loss for Making an entire Chest and Back piece from scratch. I’m relatively confident I could do it, but I simply don’t have the Time what with work, life, University etcetera , I’m looking for a few shortcuts. Not to say I want to end up with a slap dash product, But possible starting points to build from, Like the shin guards I’m using. Just a Foot up so to speak. The time issue is because I’m looking at getting this suite finished for Halloween, Or should I say HALO-ween!

I’m also looking for somewhere to buy a helmet from, I simply don’t have the time to build one of my own. But It is something I will want to do a little later down the line. So if anyone reading this has one going feel free to sling a PM my way and we could talk prices. Failing that I suppose I can always get one from Westerfield studios but hey! Cant hurt to ask here.

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