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hi, I was wondering If I could make my own visor out of some type of clear plastic and then spray the outside with some see-through reflective paint (if it exist)?
There is a type of adhesive plastic sheeting you can stick to the back of a clear lens.

The key thing is with all one-way reflective visors is that they are iridium coated. If you don't have that, either they are gonna be able to see you or you're not gonna be able to see them.
I had the guys at triktoys.com do a custom lense for me on a clone helmet. The guy Eric over there said they can cut anything custom, I would ask them.
Holy Necro batman! The answers are available inThe stickies. That being said, first google hjc visors and see what they normally cost you. Then do the same hjc search on eBay.

Also, don't post in topics that have been inactive for 2 1/2 years. Read stickies, and if search fails on this forum, google it. The answer will come up if you look for it.
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