"Hot" Helmet Variation. Literally...

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thisismadness2 said:
wow u are not to bright there jsut fire behind him my gosh it not a special helmet


In other words,
it's a real helmet, only Bungie Employees get.
Not a special effect or just a fire behind him.
And please, don't badger on members, you never know, one day you might need their help and i gurantee they will remember things like insulting their intelligence.

I digress

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Sean Bradley said:
Not enough to talk about I guess! :eek:

But it's better to necro a thread than to start a second thread on the same subject, just for organization purposes.

We could "literally" set the helmet on fire...

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I started a thread about how to do this one. It involved the use of silk, leds, and a couple of CPU fans.

Beats the bejeezus out of ACTUALLY lighting your hard work!
tserrof said:
i dont see a defference betwen that and the hybusha i think its called one except thefire.. and how would you make it any way

ill bet if we could put some small gas outlets on the helm and make the fire a good distance from the helm it would work out pretty well... but its no risk to take.
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how about one of those little fake fire things at the discovery store.
You could maby take that apart, reshape the base using a thin bondo and insert a little fan in side the helmet.
Or better Yet make the piece detatchable from the helmet like a little slot for it to slide into. :lol:
Possibilities possibilities .......... :lol:
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