How did the chiefs armour get upgraded..


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armor upgrade

yeah 343 probably just wanted to make the new halo with better graphics and they had the opinion to upgrade the look of his armor and they did i think it would have been much better if they had just upgraded his armor later in the game but that's just my opinion and firmware is just a software update it wouldn't change anything about the armor hoped this helped


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Maybe because 343i is too lazy to make a Hi-res original MKVI suit. That is what Halopedia says.
They actually said in a panel or a post or something, that it was so players that are new to the Halo universe wouldn't be super confused as to why these guys are different than Chief.

Zalrohg Lekkolo

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Just watched the video listed in the sources for the nanobots explanation (source #28), from the mouth of Frank O'Connor himself. That's about as canon as it gets. Still wish they would have shown the suits correctly in the prologue, but I can live with it.
343 stated the prologue was a "generalization" so players who never played previous games could better understand. That was their excuse for both using storm covenant in cutscene and the new armor.

on a different note, the "Nanobots upgraded the suit" is stupid writing, and they should have just stuck to their guns on the new art direction, that makes More sense then needing a canon excuse. Also the Mark VI from the multiplayer is NOT the same armor Chief or other Spartans had, its a Re-design made for the Spartan IV's in the likeness of the real Mark VI (think Halo 2 anniversary), only with upgraded tech and better fluid movement, its stated in the description, the same with the Mark V, which is a Spartan IV redesign on the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary version. anyway, that's my 2 cents on that subject.