How do i install a fan in my head?

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im about done with my helmet and i was wondering "how in the world do i wire the fan in the helmet and where should i put it." well i got an idea of were to put it (in the front of the helmet like where it sticks out and comes back in). I dont know ifi it fits there thought and were can i even get a fan small enough to fit in thereeeeeeee...i sereiously need some help!
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Try a pc case fan, they come in all different sizes. Radio shack has them as well as any online pc store. Bestbuy also has them sometimes but they are usually more expensive. Good luck.
radioshack has a small $12 computer fan that everyone uses. PLEASE use the search tool b4 making new topics.
without a fan these helmets are practically vaccuumed sealed. evn on cold halloween nights two fans are necessary (as Adam represented) if you don't want to take your helmet off over and over. also it keeps your visors unfogged.
A fan for 20$??
Here you can get a 40mm fan for 7$..

Dont know if this is want you want but here you go..

Most fans can be runned with 9V but some cant..
I'm sure you can get a fan even cheaper than that if you look around. My house has about 10 junk computers, and of those....2 had tiny fans. Ask a friend, check local computer shops. You might find something ;)
thanx xobx! Thats what i need. I got a helmet kit so i was looking on the site and it said helmet fan $32.00
I found it at ..
Its a swedish page so ill doubt you have any use of it :p

But on old CPU-coolers theres a small fan, so if you have any store that fixes computers near you im sure you could get one if you asked, or buy it cheap..

search for "40 mm fan" and/or "30mm fan"... most are 12V DC, but they will run on a 9V... just at a lower RPM.
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good link! we should definatly be asking the 501st to help us as apposed to making thresd to diss them. (note:i know its not for the 501st but it just reminded me.)

Hehe, indeed.
My reasons would be to always know deep down that we have a pseudo-competitor. It'd step up my game, since I'm the kind that likes to beat people :D
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im pretty sure that Link did a Tutorial on how to wire together the lights and the fans inside your helmet. But then, my memory is faulty and i AM at work. But im pretty sure he did one.
Great place to get fans / LEDs / lazer tag kits / actuators / vibration motors /
mini LCD screens (don't ask) and other neat / odd / killer stuff (and one that
I've realized many people don't know about):

Right now 40mm fans are 3 bucks there, and they have nylon fans without
enclosures for (with the cost of the micro motor) about 2 bucks. The nylon
fans are .86 of an inch - I think you could fit it inside of just about anything.

On a side note...
The vibration motors are a killer effect in some props, as are some of the
cheap as dirt actuators.
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