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  • Just thought I would go ahead and post on your visitor messages about the M6B pistol I just received. Awesome job on it. I can’t express enough to anyone considering to purchase one just how detailed it is. The Pistol comes with virtually no cleanup, just a little. What cleanup there was took me approximately 20mins to do, if that(really just minor flashing around where the two haves meet which is to be expected from a 2 part mold. This will be a great addition to my suit, love it very much, may need to pick up another one at a later date. Anyways, if anyone reading this is considering a replica pistol purchase to complete the look, I highly recommend this wonderful piece of artwork! Great job Smick6!:D
    Hey buddy! Not sure if you noticed, but I posted a couple pics of my finished Magnum in your "Magnum Paint" thread, since the system wouldn't let me make a new thread! Love the Magnum!
    Thanks again!
    Hey man I got the pistol and am seriously impressed! The detail on it is amazing and there's only a little clean up work to be done. I highly recommend your pistols to anyone who's thinking about buying one! Thanks a lot!
    I tried to reply to the message you sent me, but it says your inbox is full.
    I sent you an email with my shipping info and paypal address.
    Just received your pistol... VERY NICE. Good symmetry, clean lines and the pull was pretty neat. Thank You. If I hear of anyone in need for one of a Reach pistol I'll steer them your way.
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Plainfield, IL