How do you apply fiberglass to the chest and crotch piece?


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Um I just have a really newbie question here, how are you supposed to apply resin/glass to the inside of the backpack or crotch? Its kinda hard to reach a brush inside (at least it looks difficult) and so I was wondering if there was a way to go about doing it. Ive tried a search of the forums but have turned up empty handed... I read that you should put about 2-3 layers of glass inside everything can someone clarify how to do this. And last, can someone give me a tip on how to rig that backpack so everytime I take it on and off something doesn't rip on it? Thanks for the help, sorry for being a noob :p...


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The resin just brushes in,you can rotate the piece to see into those tight areas easy might pool in areas if you slop it on to much but that shouldnt be to much of a prob.There was a tip in one of the threads cant remember who,but they had a great idea that was spray a little adhesive inside the part that your glassing and make the fiberglass stick to that to hold it in place while you apply resin.hope that helps a bit

PS wear latex gloves,i would triple bag my hands and when they got to stickie id just pull off the top pair.
basically, keep resin-ing over your resin. uhhh, i would recommend spackle or glaze.
spackle comes out great in the end :)


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The only time you resin over resin is for the second coat on the outside, the inside has 2 layers, but you do 1, then put glass on, then one on top.


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so on the inside you would put a coat of resin down, then you would put your glass on top, then you would resin ontop of the glass, then put more glass on top then resin again? Or do you not put a layer of resin to start off?