How do you make pep suits?

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Ok I get that you print it all out and i understand the pep tutorial but after you make the helmet per say what do you do then? I see sooo many different ways but nobody has start to finish details and it confuses me.
do you resin then fibreglass cloth then resin then bondo then detail then resin again or something? please clear this up before I make a retard helmet instead of a MC one.

And just throwing this out, I am thinking about making a hunter costume before I make a MC one because to me it seems like I can do it easier. everything is much flatter and not so many angles going on. any tips on this would be cool too.
Resin the outside with light coats of resin, once the entire outside is done let it cure hard

apply layer of resin inside and apply a layer of cloth (in pieces, don't try to stuff the whole sheet in there) to the still wet resin and add resin to saturate the piece. let set til tacky

do the same with a layer of mat (or not)

finish the inside with another layer of cloth crossing the first (first layer: +, this layer: X), the crossing adds strength

Let cure until hard

then you bondo the outside

try the fiberglass & bondo tutorial (pinned at the top)
What does bondo do? like at his step just before painting the tut ends so what if I want say more detail like on the side vents so I could breath. how would I go about adding a detail like that? Also do I just cut the paper visor out if I want a real visor or what?
Use a cheapy dremel tool and a couple of different wheels to cut the detail into the bondo on the outside.

As for the paper visor. I suggest leaving it in, because, and Ive seen this on alot of helmets here. People leave them out and when they start resining the top gets heavy, and leans to one side. Leave the paper visor in, but dont resin it. Just leave it there for structural support untill the end. Then cut it out and epoxy or whatever a motorcycle visor or whatever you plan on using in place.

Good luck.
Ok thanks and also thanks for clearing the bondo up for me. I didnt understand what the heck the point of bondo was.
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