How many people here ACTUALLY PLAY Halo?

Do you play Halo 2?

  • Yes, on XBox Live, Frequently

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  • Yes, on X Box Live, not very often..

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  • Yes, but I don't have an X Box Live membership..

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  • Yes, when I can borrow or rent it.

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  • No. I don't own a X Box or 360... but I want one!

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  • No, I used to play a whole lot, but not so much anymore.

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  • No, I prefer GRAW, G.O.W., ect.

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  • I play Halo on the PC only.

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  • Halo, ... What's Halo?

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Sean Bradley

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I'm just bugging a little because it seems like there are really very few people here that play Halo 2 on X box Live.

I know many of us don't have XBL or only do the trial membership thing so often, thats not surprising given that many of the members here are still in school and money is an issue. I guess what burns me up more is the people who have XBL and DON'T play Halo 2. Wouldn't it just make sense to play the game that you're this enthusiastic about making armor and props for?

I guess I just expected to see more people on last night brushing up on their skillz before the new maps came out.

Well anyway please state your status in the poll above. I'm just kinda curious.
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at the moment i am trying to get a 360 but they're so danged expensive ($400) (curse you Microsoft :evil: )

im also trying to get a video in card and a cable for plugging into the video card and a 2nd controller and a plug and play cable. along with halo 1 & 2 thats about 690 bucks.(curse you Microsoft :evil: )

/end file/

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hey come to me *looks both ways sceme-ingly* i got an xbox 180 you can buy.... only 5 dolars.. only plays 180 games tho

lol jk
Well, I said it another thread, but I want to spread the word:


I will be on exploring and playing the new maps all night tonight, so join us if you'd like to play too.

Bring munchies. :drool:
Dude i'm always on on weekends. I play a lot of customs and really want to get a decent group who wants to play customs and MLG gametypes. This thread reminds me of when we tried to get a H2 night goin. I'm tellin ya we should still do it!!!
I play halo every single night since the that it was release. What i do really hate are the MLG guys. Dubbelshotting BXR, BRB etc and of cource (there favorite) the plasma pistol with the BR. What the forget (or they just dont care) is that all of the ''game tricks'' are cheating (except for the noob combo)

Halo is getting beter afther the update, lot of brigers got banned and i have a lot more fun!
What i do really hate are the MLG guys. Dubbelshotting BXR, BRB etc and of cource (there favorite) the plasma pistol with the BR. What the forget (or they just dont care) is that all of the ''game tricks'' are cheating (except for the noob combo)

What you have to remember is that Halo is a game for everybody, and that everyone has their own definition of what is fair and what is fun. For me, I love to superbounce and explore the out of bounds areas of maps, but I NEVER use it during matchmaking unless I see the other team doing it first.

Some people would say that I'm a cheater for doing this at all, but my opinion is that I'm a concientious explorer. I NEVER use it to rank up... although I could, and I mostly use it to protect my team when a bouncer on the other team decides to take advantage of the glitch first.

So just remember that there are different points of view for everthing Halo... Just because you don't like something doesn't make it fundamentally wrong for everyone.
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Yep same here, but dubbelshotting and BXR, BRB are really cheats, look it up on the bungie forum...

I really like to superbounce, and explore the maps outside of the invisble walls. And if your not doining it to rank up your fine by mine book.

Ofcource we need to defend our selfs agains these tricks, but like you guys say over there: two wrongs dont make one right.
If I remember correctly, Bungie said that superbouncing isn't cheating, because anyone can do it, with enough practice, and no one would get banned for it. I can only assume the same applies to BXRing and the like aren't either, but I'll look it up.
BXR and dbble shot aren't cheats they are glitches. I can't even do it conistently but my friends pwn me in CQB cuz they know how to do it. It is not that hard to learn. Dbble shots are mostly luck cuz they don't work half the time and when they do it makes for a sick kill. BXR and BXBs are just like knowing tactical jumps, it is melee and fire or dbble melee. Super bouncing in matchmaking is pretty cheap but just for the sake of doing it is pretty fun. Noob comboing is a move that only real cheaps use, and in MLG they would rather 4 shot someone. Also MLG is the bomb. Look up their footage. They have player commenteries and everything. (u might have to be a member)

.... So are u saying that all the montages of players are cheap because they get a kill tact using only BXR and BXB and a sticky? That is just uber pwnage in my opinion.
Acording to bungie BXR BXB are cheats and you will get banned for it doining it over live in any matchmaking game.

Look at the yellow tekst...

And what do you i have the rules of Xbox live :lindsey:

We provide the Service for your personal use. You may not use the Service for commercial purposes or in a way that is against the law. You also may not use it in a way that harms us or our affiliates, resellers, distributors, service providers, partners and/or suppliers (collectively, the "Microsoft Parties"), or any customer of a Microsoft Party. Some examples of harmful activity that we do not permit include: (i) trying to gain access to any account, computers, hardware or networks related to this Service without authorization; (ii) disrupting accounts, computers, hardware or networks related to the Service; (iii) obtaining or trying to obtain any data through any means from the Service, except if we intend to provide or make it available to you; (iv) using the Service or related hardware to obtain any data to design, develop or update unauthorized software that you use or provide to others to access or use in connection with the Service; (v) charging others to use the Service either directly or indirectly; (vi) using or distributing unauthorized cheats, macros or scripts; (vii) exploiting any bug, or making unauthorized modifications to any software or data, in the Service or particular game to gain unfair advantage in a game.

Is it clear?
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