how should i scale?

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im making a MC helmet and im afraid its gonna be too small (like the belt that i made(see other topic)). my printer is too small for big paper so when i print i have the say yes to the "adjust the scale" thing because if i dont it will be all screwy. i know how t scale i just dont want to mess up again. if my head is 26 cm in height, how should i scale it? btw, I ALREADY READ THE DANG STICKEYS!!!! :cautious:
Frank said:
Read the stickies.

And there's NO way you're head alone is 32cm in height. MC's whole helm is only 32cm in height, and he's 7' tall...
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remember when measuring, it has to be straight and not curved to ur face, head, etc. Height only is up and down, it cant be going to the side or else thats calculating width as well, and ull end up with (h) x (w) x (z), where Z is the depth, Width is w and h is height...something to think about
mm mabey would should like put in bold print on the home page " READ THE EFFING STICKIES OR ADAM WILL CUT OUT YOUR TONSILS WITH A RUSTY SPOON " then i would break there fingers for him.
I made this a while back, it has helped countless noobs.
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