Foam How to start an eva foam jun cosplay


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I want to start a cosplay of jun out of eva foam, as i dont have a printer, however i cant find any templates for him, and i dont know how to make templates, so what should i do?
Here is the parts break down for Jun. Files or Templates for all of these pieces can be found in the Armory Entries that Kae gave you above.

Base armor (Standard Entry)
Helmet - Scout HU/RS (Scout Entry)
Left Shoulder - Sniper/14.5x114 Rounds (Accessories Entry)
Right Shoulder - Sniper/Tactical Knife (Accessories Entry)
Chest - Tactical/Patrol (Scout Entry)
Knees - FJ/Para (Not actually in the armory, yet, but can be found here: Reach knee guards)
Attachments - Tactical/UGPS (Accessories Entry)

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