How to Undersuit halo style

Hey guys,
Well, not a lot of people are sure on how to build a great halo undersuit. The secret is sculpting, yes I said it.. the best undersuits are sculpted. Now I know what everyone on the 405th is yelling at their screen, " Zach! Shut up, my undershirt is amazing!" Well yes, I agree, many talented folks on here are building amazing armor, with amazing undersuits, but I just can't help feeling the need for realism.

So my main idea was built off of the actual game, no I don't have super magnetism on my undershirt, but we do have glue, time, and an idea. So I decided I would build my u.wetsuit based on 3 things,


I wanted only a 3 piece armor, gloves, boots, and a wetsuit.

After about 6 months of drawing, sculpting, and building. I came up with this:
it's a wetsuit with individual casted latex pieces permanently attached via latex. Then painted a colour of choice. It is fully flexible and fits to my body. The armor is then permanently attached via e6000 glue.

The boots/ gloves are diving boots/ gloves. Then sculpted individual armor pieces to those, then attached with E6000.

So there you go. Buy a wetsuit, gloves, boots. Sculpt some latex pieces and whip email on it. Pretty simple, yet wields great results. Tell me what you guys think.[emoji1]


That's the main question I get from people. Actually no, the wetsuit is able to breath in the grey area. And that area is covered by the chest piece, so it actually works. That is why the latex doesn't cover the arms, nor legs. So that is won't literally kill me with heat.