Hybrid CQB helm

Helm color for CQB

  • Pink-I think it would strike fear in the covies hearts

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  • Desert sand/tan/brown

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  • Black/gray

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  • green

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  • red

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  • blue

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Long Shot

So i know all of you have seen the mc helmet that i use in my tutorials, well i still haven't finished it yet so i was gettin bored of the style so now i have embarked on a new type/ variation of the Mark VI helmet. When it's done... ehh you'll have to wait and see. but for now i can try n describe it. as u can see in the pictures i plan on bulking up the visor to give it that robust defensive look. The band that runs around the back of the head will have a ring of "caped" spikes along it.the front is going to have a respirator look to it. i haven't really got plans for the "earpieces" yet, but i will tell u this, You will not be able to just wear this helmet, It has to put on a special way, which i will reveal later, so that it actually seals your head in like the real helm does. I will be adding ventilation and have a cooling system, not too sure how i want to do it yet. I will also build a radio set up in the helmet and maybe even a gun cam, but i dont want to get too far ahead of myself yet.

If u have any ideas let me know and i'll see what i can incorporate.





So as it looks from now on this varian of the helmet will be pink. I think im gonna use a combination of hot pink and a pastel
Spartan1105 said:
It looks good, but the top looks kind of thick.

Do u mean cuz the foam, because it is getting cut down, however, The visor parts of the helm are supposed to be thick so that they can take a beating. and dish it out
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blakiki said:
Looking really good

Thanks, but it'd look even better if i didnt have college and high school everyday. It really kills my free time.
Tomorrow i hope to glass the bottom half of the helm b4 i cut away the foam.
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