I cant believe ive been here for 2 years! Ive come so far

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I have officially been on the 405th forums for over 2 years

So I wanted to share a little story with yall about how I found the 405th and how I got attached to halo in the first place!

A long time ago... when I was about 7 to 8 years old my mom told me I was not allowed to play any games that had realistic war, guns, blood, or cussing (just ya know... normal mom stuff lol) and this upset me because some of my friends were playing a game called "halo: reach" and I heard from those friends that they were even able to make their own stages to fight on!

That was something I had never seen in a videogame before and, being the creative artistic person that I am, I was hooked... before I had ever even seen the game, let alone played it.

I finally convinced my friend who had the game on his Xbox to let me play it while his mom and my mom were talking in the other room and the second I saw the game boot up and layer my eyes on the brightly colored armor and my ears heard the awe inspiring music... I fell in love with it...

My mom of course caught us... (the awe inspiring music was too loud aperently XD) so I was grounded... and not allowed to play any videogames at all for a whole week...

I did not get to play halo at all for a very long time, but I kept thinking about it and wishing I could... until my mom finally told me she didn't really care what I played once I turned 12...

I was close... (I was about 8 or 9 at this point) but I couldn't wait that long so I broke the rule again...
Same friends hous...
Same loud music...
Same failure to not get caught XD
This time... the friends family was hosting a party and mom didn't want to embarras me or cause a scene in front of her friends so... she let me play anyway!

I eventually talked to her about it and she dropped the rule altogether but I still couldn't afford an Xbox

So I never actually owned the game until I was 18 and the MCC collection came out!

I hadn't even played the campaigns of any of the games until then!

I emidiatly thought... hey... this would make a fun Halloween costume huh?

I started looking up "halo costumes" on Google image surch and found a TON of cosplays that absolutely stunned me... a red CQB and a red noble six caught my attention emidiatly...

My brother (itsrusty714) had a similar experience and also wanted to do halo for Halloween. He found the 405th and sent me to it... and then I found out that the two red Spartans I had seen where on it two! Turns out they were Turbocharizard and RandomRanger...

It's weird to think about how I really looked up to the two of them and now I consider them both friends

Anyway... thanks for listening I guess lol

Also... im 20 now
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