I know what i want for christmas next year *u*


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Well bungie got lucky , the guys at WETA the people that made those awesome Halo: landfall episodes were feeling generous and sent them a goodie box. Which more or less contained and armory filled with a plethora of guns and armor :lol: so check it out :tutu:

future 405th solider :D

Look a Gurl! (y)

Speechless :not worthy:

Johnson's future self :lol:


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Yeah I just saw these pics on the bungie weekly update. The Spike grenade would make for a good ref for anyone amking one but it goes without saying that its wwaaayyy out of proportion.


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i love the marine armor! does anyone have a pep of that? is this all stuff that thry used in those halo movies? i dont rmember seeing a grav hammer