I need a good tutorial

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that's acutally a relatively nice tutorial on working with cardboard.

the type of cardboard that he's using in there is called chipboard. It's a type of non-corrugated cardboard (ie, not just a cut up box) very similar to the stuff that is used for the backs of sketchbooks

you can buy it by the sheet here


just looking at the pics in the bobafett tut. it looks like he would be using the double thick of that stuff.. which is about 2mm thick.

This is the material that i work with. as it is very similar in use to fabricating with styrene, or foamboard, though significantly cheaper.

be aware though, that this stuff is in no way easy to cut. if you're not using something like a bandsaw, and are just using box cutters, make sure they're hella sharp, and score the lines first before you try to cut all the way through, it may take going over an edge a few times before you cut all the way through
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