Props i need help with some guns .

Spartan 114

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Im working on a cardboard pistol,you could get the proportions of the pistol,sketch on to a piece of cardboard,than put another piece of cardboard under it,and cut them out.Those will make the sides of your gun,you can be creative and use anything to fill in the middle.If you use hot glue and cardboard,it will take about 20 minutes to an hour depending on skill.It wont be beautiful,but it will work.

spartan 142

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what i would do is take some 1 inch styrofoam, the fine stuff, cut it out using a template and bandsaw, glue it together and sand detail work (usualy just promonen stuff) then cast it in plaster or rubber, and pour some plastic or use fibre glass
good luck dude, you can do it :D