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I am almost done with my rifle. I will be doing final touch-up and LED's this weekend. I had an idea though and wondered if anyone has tried this or could dispell the thought. I have a couple of Playstation 2 joysticks laying around with the "rumble" feature. For those who don't know, the joystick/controller literally shakes in your hand during certain on-screen actions. Does anyone know how or think it would be worth the effort taking the controller apart and putting the mechanism in my rifle. When the trigger is pressed or a switch is thrown, the rifle would shake, emulating actual gun fire. Make fun if you must. I know I would. I am just looking for some incredible realism. TIA. (y)
Trigger that rocks into and activates a momentary push button switch, rumble motors hooked to the switch and batteries... wa la... rumble gun...
It depends on how heavy it is. If it doesn't weigh much it would probably work good, but if it weighs a lot, then it would probably hardly make it vibrate.
Here's one of the rumble piece from one of my old xbox controllers (not sure why I took it out in the first place...Made it light though.) :lol:
It is a 5V motor, pretty simple, red +, black -. If you could put 3 - 4 AA's to power it, it'd probably work.

Battery, to momentary push button switch, to motor, to battery. Simple. :)
Not sure its exactly the same with a PS2 controller though.
DryWallDeath said:
It's a good idea, but you'd prolly need a couple in there to shake it up good.

or maybe you could the rumbler in to certain parts of the gun where the hands are placed.. thus makign the rumble hit key areas.
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